CS 183 -Peter Thiel – Entire Class Readings

For those of you who want to complement  Blake Master’s notes with the class readings:

Class 1: The Challenge of the Future (4/2)

1. “How to make Wealth” -Paul Graham

2. “Why Sofware is eating the World”- Marc Andreessen


Class 2: Party Like it’s 1999? (4/4)

1. Founders at work: “Lycos”

2. “It’s the I.P.O., Stupid!” -Nina Munk

3.“When Whirl Was King,” Rodes Fishburne

3. “What the Bubble Got Right,” Paul Graham


Class 3: Value Systems (4/9)

1. “All Revenue is Not Created Equal,” Bill Gurley


Class 4: The Last Mover Advantage (4/11)

1. “Google Redefines Disruption,” Bill Gurley


Class 5: The Mechanics of Mafia (4/16)

1.“Recruiting Programmers to Your Startup,” Chris Dixon

2. “What You Can’t Say,” Paul Graham


Class 6: Thiel’s Law (4/18)

1. Venture Deals: Be Smarter Than Your Lawyer and Venture Capitalist pages: 35-59, 61-72, 73-94


Class 7: Follow the Money (4/23)

1. “Subject: AirBNB,” Paul Graham/Fred Wilson

2. “The Founder’s Dilemma,” Noam Wasserman


Class 8: Pitch (4/25)

1. “The Three Means of Persuasion,” Aristotle

2. “Extraneous factors in judicial decisions,” 

3. “How Friends Ruin Memory,” Jonah Lehrer

4. “Following the Crowd: Brain Substrates of 

5. “DARPA Seeks to Understand Storytelling,

Class 12: War and Peace (5/19)

1. Excerpt, War and Peace


Class 13: You are not a lottery ticket (5/14)

1. “See Randomness,” Paul Graham


Class 14: Seeing Green (5/16)

1. “Why Silicon Valley Should Not Normalize

2. “Greentech Startups,” Warren Hogarth

Class 15: Back to the Future (5/21)

1. “Mars Direct”


Class 16: Decoding Ourselves (5/23)

1. Reading is not available online


Class 17: Deep Thought (5/30)

1. Class about artificial intelligence. No reading


Class 18: Founder as Victim or God (6/4)

1. Reading is not available online. Premise of class is that founder and more broadly successful people are often times the scapegoat

Class 19: Stagnation and Singularity (6/6)

1. Reading is not available online


I am trying to figure out what’s the most effective way to share the class slides and other material not available online. Let me know if you have any ideas.



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  1. Simon Pickup


    Thanks for creating this list – it’s been invaluable as I follow along on Blake Master’s blog. Will you be posting the rest of the readings?


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